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The Avi8tors Flying Lesson Gift

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The Avi8tors Aerobatics Course

Requires a minimum of 5 hours flying training

Allows the holder of a Private Pilots Licence to fly aerobatic manoeuvres safely and with confidence

PPL Experience Requirements:

Full UK Private Pilots Licence

Valid Medical Certificate 

100 Hrs Total Flight Time

Flight Training Minimum 5 hours flight training consisting of pre flight briefings on several aerobatic manoeuvres with sufficient flight time for the student to demonstrate competence in each manoeuvre.

Approximate cost for Aerobatics Course: 

In a Bulldog £1250 (Approx)

The course is pay as you fly. There are no up front costs for the flight training with Avi8tors Flight Training School.


Price Includes

5 hours flight training in our Bulldog Aircraft

Full instruction

Landing fees all inclusive at base (St Athan)

Additional ground instruction

price is approximate and subject to change without notice.


Light Aircraft Aerobatics Course

Please send us any questions you may have in relation to learning to fly in South Wales. We can tailor a course to suit your availability or current experience level.

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Light Aircraft Aerobatics Course