The Bulldog high performance piston trainer was formerly used as a display aircraft and an initial Pilot training aircraft in the Royal Air Force.

The Bulldog is no longer in service with the Royal Air Force but used in Flight Training Centres around the world as a cost effective Aerobatics Experience Trainer.

The sortie we provide includes the pre flight briefing and safety training requirements.

The sortie will be from one of our UK airports with a qualified experienced Aerobatics Pilot who will demonstrate various aerobatic manoeuvres during a 45 minute operation.

This is a highly agile aircraft capable of advanced aerobatics. The Instructor Pilot will gauge the manoeuvres according to the customers requirements so he can fly as gentle or as hard as you like. Trust me when I say that he can take more G-Force than you so be careful what you ask for. He is there to please you, even if you fill several sick bags.

This experience is definitely for the thrill seeker and truly a life changing experience.

Order your Aerobatics Experience Flight by Phone on 07545993472 for £450.00

Aerobatics Flight Experience £450.00 (ASK ABOUT OUR JET FIGHTER)