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The Avi8tors Flying Lesson Gift

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The Avi8tors Flying Lesson Box Set

Flying Lesson Experience just £129.00

My First Flying Lesson

This exclusive product is unique to Avi8tors Flying Club - Cardiff

Flying Lesson Box Set

Aerobatic Aircraft Experience

'My First Flying Lesson' DVD

The Box set contains everything you need to experience flight and set you on your way to becoming a Pilot. If its the start of a new hobby or career or just a one off experience you have all the tools to maximise the enjoyment of flight.


If the standard gift set for a 2 seat aircraft is not to your liking then we can upgrade you to a 4 seat aircraft which is a little more spacious. There will be plenty of room for camera equipment and someone to press the trigger.


If you want to fly further afield, maybe you live on the outskirt of the city or you want to fly over a point slightly outside of our 30 minute range. We can offer you an additional 30 minutes extending your flight to 1 hr.


Loop the Loop, fly upside down, barrel rolls and spins are all on the menu here in this Aerobatics light aircraft experience flight. Our Single Engine Aerobatics trainer is the cost effective way to turn the sky into your playgroud.

Flying Lesson Flyer

Our Flying Lesson Gift Set is the Ultimate Gift for the person who lives life to the full but if your thinking about learning to fly then this is the perfect start to your aviation career or life changing hobby. Just £129.00 order by phone or see us at St David’s Shopping Centre Cardiff or The Galleries Shopping Centre Bristol from Nov 1st to Dec 24th every year!

The box set contains

The Lesson Voucher

Your first Pilots Log Book

A guide to the Trial Lesson - Exercise 3 of the UK Pilot Licence Course

An experience Certificate

The DVD - ‘My First Flying Lesson’

Two £10 discount Vouchers off further lessons

An Avi8tors exclusive Box Set Pen

4 Seat Aircraft Upgrade 1 Hour Lesson Upgrade Standard Flying Lesson Gift Set

Refund Policy

At Avi8tors Flying Club we realise that the majority of our flight experiences are purchased as gifts. With that said there are occasions when this wonderful gift is not appreciated and customers may wish to return the Box Set or Voucher.

In order to accommodate this requirement we offer a full money back guarantee on all of our flight experiences provided the Voucher or Box Set is returned in good condition and within 14 days of purchase.

This is a strict rule due to the fact that aircraft availability, hedged fuel prices and landing fee commitments are made in advance of our flying program based on our voucher sales. Outside of 28 Days we can only refund the fuel cost associated with your flight.

For full terms and conditions please follow this link.

Avi8tors Terms and Conditions of Sale

To Order call 07545993472

Aerobatics Flight Experience