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The LAPL (Light Aircraft Pilots Licence):

Requires a minimum of 30 hours flying training

Allows the holder to fly VFR (Visual Flight Rules) by day and by night if a night rating is held

The holder can fly within the EU member states

EASA LAPL Requirements:

30 Hours flight training of which 6 hours must be solo flight time.

Medical is required before your first solo flight we can put you in touch with the CAA doctors or your own GP who is qualified to conduct these medicals.

Pass 9 multiple choice ground exams.

Solo cross country qualifying flight which must be at least 80nm landing at one aerodrome different from departure.

Pass License skills test.

Minimum age for flight training is 14 years old, for solo flight 16 years old and for license issue 17 years old.

The Avi8tors LAPL course structure:


Ground School

This will consist of 100 hours of ground school which will be classroom sessions and self-study to prepare you for each of the 9 multiple choice ground exams.

Flight Training Minimum 30 hours flight training of which 6 hours must be solo which will include at least 3 hours of solo cross country flight time with at least 1 cross country flight shall be at least 80nm with 1 landing at an aerodrome different from the one of departure. Before your first solo flight you must have completed your air law exam and have passed a medical.

Flight Test Final examination which will test your general handling of the aircraft and your navigation on which passing you will then be a qualified pilot!


Approximate cost for EASA LAPL: £5250

In a Cessna 150: £5250 (Approx)

In a Cessna 172: £6200 (Approx)

The course is pay as you fly. There are no up front costs for the flight training with Avi8tors Flight Training School.


Price Includes:

30 hours flight training in our Cessna 150/ Cessna 172

Full instruction

Landing fees all inclusive at base (Cardiff)

Touch and go fees free at base (Cardiff)

9 written Exams

Flight test

Books and Maps

Medical is an additional cost

*Price is approximate and subject to change without notice.


Course Duration:

The LAPL can be conducted at your own pace so you can decide when you would like to fly, or you can complete a fast track license.


We have excellent aircraft availability. We normally conduct our flight training in our Cessna 150 but it can be completed in our PA28 if required. The Cessna aircraft are popular training aircraft and have been the back bone for pilot training due to their reliability and all round training capability.


Flying lessons are usually booked in for 1 hour 30 minute slots which will allow time for your instructor to brief and debrief you as well as giving you an hour in the air. Some flying lessons may be longer or shorter depending on the flight exercise.


The flying lessons are weather dependant, but if the weather is bad you could come in to complete some ground school for your multiple choice exams.


What will cover on your flight training?


General Handling

This will build up your flying skills this will consist of aircraft familiarization, straight and level, climbing and descending, turning, slow flight and stalling.


A circuit is a procedure essential for aircraft when landing, joining and departing from the airfield. In this part of your training you will learn how to take off, land and fly a circuit of the airport.

Solo Flying

Before going solo you will need to have passed the air law exam and have passed your medical.  When your instructor feels you are ready you will then complete your first solo circuit.  As the course moves on you will be required to do further solo flights which will involve flying to different airfields, which one will be your qualifying cross country flight.

Advanced handling

This will cover steep turns, emergency drills, forced and precautionary landings and instrument flying.


Here you will learn how to find your way around the sky and navigate to different airports. You will be taught how to plan, assess the weather and check for any other factors that may affect your flight. Also you will learn how to divert should you need to due to the weather and how to reach your destination safely. You will have to complete some solo navigation flights which one will be your qualifying cross country flight which is normally Cardiff to Gloucester.

EASA LAPL Ground exams:


During your training you will have to complete 9 multiple choice ground exams. You will have to complete 100 hours of ground school which will consist of ground lessons by your instructor and self study by your self.


9 exams consist of:

Aviation Law –This must be completed before your first solo. 


Aircraft general Knowledge 

Operational procedures

Flight planning and performance 

Navigation- This must be completed before your solo qualifying cross country flight.


Human performance

Principles of flight

You will also need to complete a practical radio exam as part of your license.


Ground School is provided at a rate of £20 per hour.

The Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL)

Please send us any questions you may have in relation to learning to fly in South Wales. We can tailor a course to suit your availability or current experience level.

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