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We offer several training courses to suit beginners to advanced pilots … details at the bottom of the page

Learning to Fly in the UK with Avi8tors Flight Training School

Please send us any questions you may have in relation to learning to fly in South Wales. We can tailor a course to suit your availability or current experience level.

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Below you will find a list of our flight training courses :-

Avi8tors Flying Club Membership

All students who wish to fly Solo or Private Pilots wishing to private hire club aircraft are required to become members of Avi8tors Flying Club. There are two types of membership. Standard Club Membership and Pilot Super Group Membership upgrade.

Standard Membership: £144.00 per annum entitle our member to be issued with a Club ID badge. Registration with our club for insurance requirements in order to operate our aircraft Solo (under supervision) or Private Hire. Use of club facilities on site e.g. Weather , Internet, Printing Basic Documents, Booking Out System. Access to flying instructors for ground, flight and technical support issues. Club support for Land Away PPR requirements and filing flight plans etc. Courtesy transport to and from MoD Gate house in our courtesy Vehicle. Limited Parking.

To Apply for Club Membership Click Here ……… ‘Member Application Form’

Avi8tors Flying Club training Aircraft Hire Rates (Prices include 1 landing at base) (Brakes to Brakes)

Cessna 150 training aircraft                                                      Cessna 172 training aircraft

Dual Rate Per Hour                    £180.00                                         Dual Rate Per Hour                           £200.00

Supervised Solo Rate Per Hour   £180.00                                         Supervised Solo Rate Per Hour          £200.00

Solo Rate Per Hour                    £160.00                                         Solo Rate Per Hour                           £180.00

Other aircraft are to follow, but are subject to cost analysis at this time; Fuel AVGAS 100LL is available at our base location for visiting aircraft at a rate of £2.12 per litre (Minimum Delivery 10 Ltrs)

For Trial Flights and gift packages / box sets see our flight experience page for details and prices........ ‘Flight Experiences’

Aircraft Hire Rates and Membership Fees for Students and Qualified Pilots