This DVD forms part of the Avi8tors Flying Lesson Gift Set.

In this short film (Aprox 25 minutes) the viewer is shown what they can expect to experience during their Trial Flying Lesson.

The student Graham has been given a Flying Lesson Gift as a surprise and is taken on a flight over his home in Cardiff.

Watch as Graham receives a preflight briefing before being taken to the aircraft to carry out preflight safety checks and is then instructed in the engine start procedure. Following engine start and taxi instructions Graham follows through on the controls at take off.

The instructor navigates the aircraft towards Graham’s home and gives the necessary instruction to enable Graham to take full control for the majority of the flight.

Following a successful landing at Cardiff Airport, Graham is given a post flight briefing and receives a certificate of experience.

Watch the trailer…

‘My First Flying Lesson’ DVD

'My First Flying Lesson' DVD